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We are a multi-disciplinary design consultancy with
a strong understanding of brands and the retail market. We work on national and international projects at all stages of the design process from concept through to production and quite often manufacture. Our diverse body of work is crafted by our specialist team of branding, packaging and product designers.

As a team of self confessed sensory junkies we really love the diversity of projects we work on and how they marry perfectly with our own life's passions!

We have a brilliant team of designers who are also avid foodies, beauty junkies, film and animation buff's and tech geeks! 


Each project however large or small represents it's own unique process, understanding and requirements, yet we find all projects have a key requirement in common. This is the necessity to find, create and deliver an experience for the end user. For us, ‘The Experience’ is an engagement of the senses, emotions and imagination integral to each solution.


Our London based team understand both

consumer and emerging graphic/product trends and use this knowledge to develop fresh ideas for brands and products that consumers respond to. We have a wide range of creative services, from branding and packaging design, innovative product design, point of sale solutions and immersive experiences. 


This knowledge enables us to give a wide perspective on how brands can develop and grow in the future across multiple platforms.

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